how to assign another project directory in parallell to the installed one

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As I have seen, the COMMON/ADM/dbms.asn has a hardcoded path with the project created on installation. This one is included in the UNIFACE/ADM/ide.asn which is part of the created shortcut.   Is there some hint how to set up a different project directory including which adm/asn has to be modified?


  1. Hello Ulrich-Merkel To avoid needing new asn files for each project directory you can do the following: Change the paths in common/adm/dbms.asn to relative paths: ;- Development database [DRIVER_SETTINGS] SLE U1.0 USYS$SLE_PARAMS create db = on, identifiers = quoted [PATHS] ; Path to the SQLite database for the Uniface Repository: $DBMS SLE:dbms\usys.db ; Path to the SQLite database for User defined data: $DBMS_DEF SLE:dbms\userdata.db $SYS $DBMS $UUU $DBMS $IDF $DBMS $DEF $DBMS_DEF   Change in uniface/adm/ide.asn $resources_output to $resources_output       resources   Now your working directory will be used as relative paths are defined. One can add /dir in the shortcut to specify the working directory. For example D:\uniface\installations\u10we\common\bin\ide.exe /dir=D:\uniface\test\u10we\project2 "/adm=D:\uniface\installations\u10we\uniface\adm"   ?   Kind regards Peter Beugel Sr. Technical Support Analyst Uniface B.V.

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  2. Thanks for the quick reply. It looks pretty straight foreward. Right now I modify "execute in" of a copy of the generated windows shortcut. Thanks for the tip with the /dir switch, I will have a look if it meets all my requirements.

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  3. changed it, but now I get ide Fatal: Can't locate file usys:usys.urr

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  4. forget this, I had a problem with $search_resources

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