Uniface 10 Web Edition and relationships

Author: hans.hoogerwerf@omnext.net (Hans.Hoogerwerf)

In Uniface 10 you can add define relationships from the many side only. This is awful. Suppose I add the entity OrderLine. If I want to add a relationship between Orderline and a foreign entity, for example Article, then I have to move first to entity Article and then I can add the relationship. So for each relationship to a foreign entity, I have to move first to that foreign entity, before I can add that relationship. Why is it not possible to drag-and-drop an entity to the Many OR One entity?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas: this type of feedback is exactly what we are hoping for, now that the first version of the new IDE has been released. A leading concept behind the Uniface 10 IDE is that every editor deals with a single (top level) object, a so called main Uniface Development Object (UDO), such as a Component or a Modelled Entity. These Objects are the building blocks of a Uniface application. Each feature in an application is associated with only one building block, and thus with the editor that goes with it. Relationships are owned by the MANY entity, as they are specified there by the foreign key, which is part of the MANY entity definition. Your suggestion is an interesting thought, it would allow for a more flexible way to define relationships if you could freely drag in ONE and MANY entities. Moreover, it would be handy to see all relationships that are relevant for a given entity X, not just the ONE-to-X relationships, but also the X-to-MANYs. Letting go of the principle of One Object – One Editor may make it fuzzy what you are maintaining in an editor, and what you are exporting when you generate an export from a main UDO. On the other hand: we are looking for better ways to present related information, and of course to provide an excellent editing experience. We take your feedback into consideration.

    Author: pietervandijk (pieter.van.dijk@compuware.com)