How to access the compiler output

Author: (istiller)

I can see the compiler output but it is not longer possible to search in it. Copy will work, but the prompt does not change nor one can see, what is in focus for copying. By the way, error message 1089 is nice:      error: 1089 - Start-up Shell compilation stopped; ... It is my deepest hope, that the compilation sometimes stopped. I.e, UnifAce is a finite-state-machine :-) Ingo

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  1. Yeah, the compiler output window is still work in progress. It is just the output widget that is used for that, which does not provide a lot of features. The idea is to change the compiler so that it outputs URL-based messages. These URLs can then be used to navigate to the source of the problem. So far, we did not do much on the compiler output. By the way, the compiler output is also still available in the message frame. Simply press GOLD-M. That ting still has a bit more features like search (GOLD GOLD ,) Gerton

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