Confusing readme within distro

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Hello, I've just downloaded Uniface 10 Web Edition... and there seems to be the same readme.htm file in both zip files (32bit and 64bit); and in the product description section is stated: Readme - Uniface 10 Web Edition Early Adopter Version - Microsoft Windows distributions

Filename Description Windows 32-bit native Development and Deployment. This can be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Windows 64-bit native Development and Deployment.

This is a bit confusing because:

  1. there are no such files
  2. AFAIK there is no 64bit development

Kind regards, Zdeněk Socha

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  1. Zdeněk, You are absolutely right: the distributions have been renamed, see this posting. But, we did not update the readme files. We were hoping that the more meaningful names of the distribution files would take away the confusion, but by referring to the old names we have only added to the confusion. Apologies for that. We'll take this into account for the next release. Your other observation that there is no 64 bit development environment is also correct. We will correct this in the next release; and we'll correct it again once we provide a 64 bit IDE.    Henk van der Veer Program Manager Uniface 10

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