severe incompatibility when some entry statements are in blockdata

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

See the following example code in LPMX U9 and U10: (this is a real usecase since 2008) entry lp_FORMINIT ; this is not defined: call lp_LoadFunction ; so in the compile we get under u9 ; Phase 7: Procs compilation ; warning: 1000 - Module 'LP_LOADFUNCTION' not found. ; in U10, we got a strange ; Phase 7: Procs compilation ; warning: 1000 - Module 'LP_FORMINIT' not found. end ; lp_FORMINIT entry use_blockdata $1 = $block_text block_text:blockdata ~ entry component_docu params string p_docu : OUT endparams p_docu = "D:component-%%$componentname%%%/<xxxx_datstatus>/<xxxx_autor>/<xxxx_kurzinfo>" end ; component_docu entry lp_FORMINIT call lp_LoadFunction call lp_LoadFile call lp_InitLists end ; lp_FORMINIT ~   in the EXEC trigger, we call lp_FORMINIT as operation exec call LP_FORMINIT edit


  1. Hello Uli, Thanks for sending us a reproduction set (offline). We were able to replicate the problem you reported. I don't want to sound too bureaucratic, but for the purpose of traceability, stating the business case and setting the required priority, I recommend you open a support call through the normal support channel.  Kind regards, Henk

    Author: Henk van der Veer (
  2. I just run my testsets against patch F219 and it looks like the U10 behaviour is the same as it was in U9.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (