deleting an entity doesn't delete the reference in the project

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

I have a project with some entities. Now I want to cleanup and delete some entities: Go to the project screen, activate an entity, select "Open", in the Entity Editor, select "Action: Delete". Going back to the project to delete the next entity, I would expect the previous reference is deleted, but this is not. And even after the refresh, some deleted entities still show up in the lefthand "Object" overview. This causes "Object to insert can not be found. Illegal or unknown object ID" [ent:AXX_MANY.XXTEST2ent:AXX_MANY.XXTEST3ent:AXX_MANY.XXTEST4ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST1ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST2ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST3ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST4] Object to insert can not be found. Illegal or unknown object ID. [ent:AXX_MANY.XXTEST2ent:AXX_MANY.XXTEST3ent:AXX_MANY.XXTEST4ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST1ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST2ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST3ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST4] Object to insert can not be found. Illegal or unknown object ID. ent:AXX_ONE.XXTEST1 not found in the repository.

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  1. The current functionality w.r.t. not removing project references for deleted object is by design, but not all functionality has been implemented completely yet. There are two types of context for deletion: Project context and Object Context Project Context Deleting a reference in the project editor does not delete the referenced object (see documentation “Delete a project or reference object”). In the future we will add an additional option to select from the menu: Delete reference / Delete reference and referenced object (At the moment it’s a bit cumbersome to have to open an object in its editor before you can delete it) Object context Deleting an object does not delete any reference to that object. That’s true for project references, but also for the references to that object in a component’s data structure data or in ProcScript. The latter two references to a no longer existing object are reported by the compiler. The fact that a project reference is pointing to a missing object is currently not visible (e.g. a tag or label attached to its icon), but it is intended to be made visible in the near future. A reference to a missing object may be valuable information after all. ===================== With regards to deleted objects that remain visible in the Project Editor's Resource Browser Objects Tab: the contents of the Objects Tab are not synchronized automatically (yet). Selecting Refresh from the Project Editor's Actions menu does the trick. (at least, it does for me: I see the deleted object(s) disappear from the Objects Tab) 

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