Tool to compare U9 and U10 components, alpha-testers wanted

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Bug 31585 ( describes the need for a U9/U10 comparison tool. I modified an inspection tool I already have created to monitor the development; which was part of the 2008 presented "Open Idf" (U7 - U9), took me some 4hrs to skim the necessary documentations which <$triggerabbr> will be converted to which trigger name. Now I have a tool which will suit MY needs; but perhaps other ones may require more. So I would like to find some other uniface customers who, like me use the "early adopters" to find out if the migration can handle their kind of coding, and are willing to "join the band" as alpha-testers and cooperators to expand the usability of this tool. Please contact me if you are interested improving the U10 toolset, Uli


  1. Hi, The Lab is currently working on a solution for issue 31585. Please note that the issue is about what entries are compiled into your component. We will try to give our customers insight into differences in this between 9 and 10 for their applications. Regards, Theo 

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. Hi Theo, the fact that the lab is working on a solution for the uniface product shouldn't stop me to improve the solution I have already at hand.   But perhaps a better documentation like a complete: <DTLF> | trigger detail <DTLE> | trigger detail  would be helpful to learn what changes comes with the new code containers.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (