Test out of U10 component editor possible since F208

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

With patch F208, a hint in the Tutorial tutorialCompileTestForm_4CDB64256C6CC8E39931FC878DEC3BE4.html points to an important improvement for the experienced uniface codewriter used to the U9 comfort: It's possible now in U10 to test the component under edit straight from the IDF with the help of the ACTION menu ! Compared to the previous "start your process manually and retype the name of your ObjectUnderEdit", this will be seen as an improvement. But when we look at the convenience in U9, we may miss beside the "test" the "test with debug" option which is available in U9 UUEXTN23 as menu, accellerator CTRL+F8) and panel. As the new documentation _LOGICALS_IDE_testing_A011D3FF02E748F1965BB18402EC2801.html tells us in an example, we can modify the activation to include a /deb switch, but this is then used in ANY test. Modifications of the logical demands a restart of the IDF as it is documented as: Note: The Uniface IDE must be restarted after setting or changing the commands specified by these logicals. As we have a code to start the test, perhaps the "Test under Debug" can be added with the next patch planned for December 27, 2017 ??


  1. OK, F209 came, but apart from some typo corrections and a config documentation (for patch F204) no real improvements. As most of us are developers and want to reduce costs, we would have implemented "Test" and "Test under Debug" together. But "they" haven't done it with the f208, and experiences of the last decades showed a likelihood that this will never be done. In the minimal implementation it may take just a handful of LOC, for a new menuitem and the use of another logical: TEST_COMMAND_CPT_DEB where we can place out /deb switch A happy new year to all of us, Uli Merkel P.S. "So all we can do, is sit and wait" It looks like that in U10 steering commitee, there is no voice for "applied U9 necessities and functionality"

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Just to re-iterate from another thread; afaik - the powers in Amsterdam in their wisdom will decide how we're supposed to work (or not) - after all, Uniface is made by developers for developers.... I guess it really boils down to staying with Uniface 9.x until (if ever) we get the same level of flexibility in Uniface 10.... WinkWink

    Author: Knut (knut.dybendahl@gmail.com)