Repository in Uniface 10.3

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How can I create a Repository, where are the scripts to create it?


  1. Uniface will create it on the fly... As in, Uniface checks if a table exists when it tries to read from it in the 1st place. If table cannot be found, and (if) you have the permissions to create objects in your database, Uniface will issue the DDL to create the table(s). Hope this helps. Regards, Knut

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  2. Hi Pedro, if you do not want uniface to create the repository on the fly as Knut already explained, but want a proper SQL setup see: what needs to be done in U10.3 to get the SQL scripts. If you want to use the metadictionary information, please note that "/ins meta" is no longer supported in u10.3; you have to perform an ordinary import of -installdi-r\uniface\misc\umeta.xml HIH, Uli

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  3. Hi Pedro,   To create repository scripts in version 10 you use the new /gensql command line option with the /meta sub switch. 

    /gensql generates SQL scripts based on the driver options defined in the asn file so allowing greater flexibility for customers creating their repositories. In previous versions of Uniface, driver options for the meta-dictionary were limited to the ones used when generating the files for distribution. 

      Regards, Mike

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