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Author: (Knut)

Working on a component, I have the default snippets hanging on the left side, component structure next to the snippets, then the script window itself. What bothers me is the fact that the snippets are not context sensitive to my selected object. For example, when foucssing on the component object itself, I can select and paste a read snippet, write snippet or even a next field snippet. It would be really nice to either gray out the snippets not relevant to the object I'm working on - or, if I try to paste the content of the snippet to a location it doesn't belong, I'm given a warning that I'm doing something strange.... Knut

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  1. Hi Knut, the intention is definitely to make the Resource Browser more context sensitive. You can apply all sorts of filtering on the RB content, like filtering based on selected object(s) type, component type, widget type, maybe at some point some user defined filtering. Unfortunately, we did not get to this just yet. But the ideas are definitely there. Geron.

    Author: Gerton Leijdekker (