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Author: norbert.lauterbach@infraserv.com (Lauterbach)

It's unbelievable : I found this documentation : https://unifaceinfo.com/docs/1000/uniface/ide/libraryEditors/procEditorUDE.htm?Highlight=Procscript Editor Yes, if you edit global Procscipts then you can use the TAB-Key to complete Keywords. You can use F1-Key to get help. And you can use CTRL-H to rename text. But what is about linenumbering and folding??? This seems to be the old Uniface 9 Editor, because if you mark text and press TAB-Key the text disapears.   On the other Hand we edit much more programcode in the "Write Script"-Editor. This is the new Scintilla-Editor. Here we have linemumbering and folding. But what is about all the other Features??? No F1-Key, no CTRL-H and no complete Keyword is working. What should I think about this???   What is about autoindentation? Have a look at SciTE and language baan. If you type "if …" and press return then the Code is indented. if you type "endif" and press return then the indentation is removed. That is what I expect from a new modern Unifaceeditor   Is there a timetable for Features to be implemented?   Regards Norbert


  1. Hi Norbert, We have a project planned for the code editing in Uniface 10 to include these features. The current roadmap for the IDE if for Oracle and PostgreSQL to be added to load definitions, Fast Form and then the code editor. Where possible we will also be looking to pick up bug fixing and smaller usability issues.  The code editor has been an area where we have had feedback and is something we would like to address as soon as we can. One delaying factor has been that RTL support was not available in the Scintilla project, so we have had it added. It is only in the latest versions where it has become available. Regards, Mike

    Author: Mike Taylor (michael.taylor@uniface.com)
  2. U10.3: reimplementing the "outsourcing to any external editor"

    Success ! Placed in the editor menu for cpt: and ent: We have all kind of additional help (interactive REPLACE!!, real-time jumplists): Parallel to the UX... code for comparisons in the external editor, we generate a (readonly) modeled code plus the modeled code of the supertype. This way transfering a proc from modeled to local is pretty easy in U10.3 it's a real pain (and paralled objects editing causes IDE crashes) for ent: we have a modifiable code plus the (readonly) modeled code of the supertype. If you like to provide me with early feedback, mail me for an "early tester pack", Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)