Keyboard functionality

Author: (Knut)

I'm a keyboard man - through and through. I understand the need for a mouse, point and click, drag / drop etc etc. However, most workbenches I've ever used, allows me the use of SHIFT + F10 to get to the content of the right mouse button. It would be really, really nice if we could have SHIFT + F10 as a recognised key stroke - out of the box, anywhere, without having to hack the keyboard translation tables. It's a normal, standard Windows keystroke... Regards, Knut


  1. Any change the lab could respond to this?? Especially since virtually every single Windows program I use have this functionality.... Regards, Knut

    Author: Knut (
  2. Knut, it will be added, when is still TBD. It was feedback we captured from the initial workshops and we are aware there are keyboard jockeys out there in the development community. 

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (
  3. Thank you Adrian. Much appreciated!

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