Change the ubusyindicator

Author: (bioalexy)

Hello, I wanted to know how can I change de loading indicator behavior from async to sync? Thanks


  1. Hi bioalexy, Good question! I looked already in the past for the ubusyindicator to customize it but I was not able to find it: I can only suppose is a small gif animation embedded as internal resource into Uniface runtime executable files. Other Unifacers could have had more luck... :-) Gianni

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  2. Hi gianni, I was expecting some kind of instruction like "webmessage" with the switches and the properties parameter where you can change what the dialog shows, something like <instruction>/async or /sync. Anyway, yesterday I was inspecting from the browser my webpage and the solution that I came up with was this: The ubusyindicator is simply a div with the id="UNIFACE.ubusyasync" and a class="ubusyasync", and the ubusyindicator.css with 2 classes selectors, ubusyasync and ubusysync. With this information you can create a javascript where you get the div from the id and change between the 2 classes and override the selector from your own style.css and change the GIF shown. Regards

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  3. Hi, Changing the indicator is simple see my blog: I do not know how the change the BEHAVIOR of the indicator. Regards, Theo Neeskens

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