Allow grouping of objects

Author: (Knut)

We've got 10+ application models (from Uniface 9). All work we do is relevant to the MODEL - since the entities inside the models are related to the particular vertical application usage. In Uniface 10, all entities, from all models, are retrieved at the same time - which in it self takes time - and as well, is indeed not a productivity gain as we now have to search (which doesn't seem to work) or use the scroll bar to get to the correct entity to do work on. As for the components, we have 3000+ components - and again, the search doesn't seem to work. Again, we have to use the scroll bar to get to the right component. It would be really useful to have a 'retrieve quick search' (enter a M - get 1st 20 components with M, enter a T, get the 1st 20 components with MT and so on). I believe it's counter productive to drag all the information back at the same time. In VS - my projects are clustered via expandable tree widgets, it would be great if we could have something similar (and configurable) for our models and components. Regards, Knut


  1. Knut, Thank you for providing feedback to us. Clearly we are very aware of this issue. The ability to filter and search in Resource Browsers is a requirement that has a high priority for the first major update to Uniface 10.   Regards, Henk van der Veer

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  2. I agree and support completly the diferent remarks that Knut have done on the IDE 10.2 -> Possibility to select components (with gold*) and also, other lists of objects -> a ressource browser more contect sensitive  (proposing a read trigger for a button for example,  does not make  sense !) I will add some other remarks: ->  the IDF 9 options in top drop down menu  like  Administration   / utilities  /  Preferences   have disapeared ?       how is it possible to do these actions now ? -> In the proc window, there is no more the buttons at the foot of the window that allowed to compile/search/align proc code/ convert to comment a selected bloc of code line   etc ...  -> why the right-clic menu is no more used ? ( or so little )  it's usefull for lot of things : direct access , contextual help etc ... Best Regards, Daniel

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  3. Is aggree with Knut and Daniel. With out wildcards you can't use this IDE. I miss some menus too (global action, preferences, additional menu,...) And the rendering of surface is slow and spawns hundreds of "cefrender.exe" Looks like a virus but ist UnifAce Confused It's like Windows. Only odd version numbers are good enough to work withWink Ingo

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  4. Thank you all for your feedback. We may not respond to each and every individual post, but that does not mean we ignore your feedback. We do appreciate your comments. Please keep them coming.  We do take your feedback under advice in the process of planning updates to Uniface 10. Henk van der Veer

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