10.3 003: no documented $procreturncontext for $ude(compile) no documented $procreturncontext

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

After a successful $ude(compile) where $status = 0 and frm and sig are created $procreturncontext only holds "Context=Serialize Struct·; DETAILS=" But the documentation states:

Context = Context Context of the information. For $ude("compile"), the value is UDE Compile. Error = Number Error number if process failed on error InputSignatures = Number Signatures found for compilation OutputSignatures = Number Signatures compiled InputComponents = Number Components found for compilation OutputComponents = Number Components compiled

So what's wrong ??

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  1. When I see this, I'm happy that we aren't moving to U10 in the near future. We do testings on the $ude result for the custom made TFS plugin, when there are errors we block checkins.

    Author: Stijn Courtheyn (stijn.courtheyn@xperthis.be)