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it just happened to me recently and maybe this note may help if this happens to you: As my mouse just missed the correct file during a doubleclick, I installed a U9 patch over my 10201 environment. As a consequence, the red U10 Symbol popped up for a second and the process finished. Using the IDE installed with the original implementation, I got some "8011 License not available" error. Further studies in the logfiles unveiled: Unable to determine IDE repository version Uniface Development Environment 9.7.04 started against Repository version Incompatible Repository version found: 9.7.04 ??? what happens there ??? inspected my U10 installation and found a 9704.txt releasenotes   So my first action was just to "overpatch" with the U10 patch and the result looked ok as the IDF started again.   Arjen van Vliet (thanks a lot for the assistance) recommended a cleaner way of solving the problem:

  • I think your repository was saved by the check-warnings that you have described.
  • I think your 10.2 installation is now officially f*cked, as a 9.7 patch will contain much more and different files compared to a 10.2 patch. So even when you would apply the right 10.2 patch over this Uniface installation, I think it will still be damaged.
  • If I were you, I would delete the current 10.2 installation and re-install (because Uniface wants to install in an empty installation directory)
    • Make sure to temporarily move or rename your development project directory, as the Uniface installer only accepts an empty directory. Move your project directory back ‘over’ the empty project directory.
    • Check before installation if there are any local users and groups (in Windows Control Panel), left over by the previous Uniface installation. I always delete these and let the new Uniface installation create a new set. Alternative is to re-use the Local Users (if you can remember the passwords from the previous installation)


  1. You're welcome Uli, I checked today: a U10.2 patch nowadays contains around 580 files, the same patch number for U9.7 contains around 780 files. So, these 200 extra files went somewhere into your 10.2 directory. Therefore I recommend a clean 10.2.02 install. And be assured that I never use the F-word on public forums; only in one on one emailsLaugh Cheers, Arjen

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  2. Arjen van Vliet said And be assured that I never use the F-word on public forums; only in one on one emailsLaugh  

    Hi Arjen, As I can not edit my posts in a topic, I could not amend this fault. (there is a button but when I save the canges I am told that I do not have permission) Sorry for my careless copy&paste, Uli

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  3. No problem Uli, I'm pretty confident I will survive this slip-of-the-tongue Wink Cheers, Arjen

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