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Hello, I downloaded TRIAL version of Uniface 10 EE, I painetd form added entity and field, compiled without errors... How can I run this form? I cannot find something as Test in the menu... There are some menu items missing ... In my version I have menu items Compile | Actions instead Save | Bubild | Help | Actions -- ( if I looked on pictures of IDE on Internet --- see picture below... ) Does it mean I have preview of Trial version limited just for viewing/compiling forms but not running/testing or is something totally changed, so you cannot run form from IDE already ? Henk5.png


  1. Hi Dammie, a lot does not work like we are used to right now (it's still an EARLY version). So to test a component start the IDE again with "/tst myform" or "/deb /test myform" to start with the debugger. To get a proclisting start the IDE with the /lis=1. If you insist that you want to see the generated infos in the listing as well, you have to run an external compile: start the IDE with the "/lis=1 /inf myform". Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli P.S. On youtube, there is the recording of the recent webcast on U10, think you may find it helpful.

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  2. In the live demo, towards the end, I'm showing how to test run and how to debug: Uniface Lectures Webinar: An Introduction to Uniface 10 (3 of 4)

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