Need to know few things about uniface

Author: (akash)

i am curious to know about uniface.
1. What is exactly uniface ??
2.What does uniface developer do??
3.What is difference between Visual studio(.NET) && Uniface?
4.which programming language use in uniface??
   for eg:- Visual Studio(.NET) uses C#,ASP.NET etc.


  1. Hello Akash,   To find more about Uniface visit the website of Uniface and in particularly . This tells you a lot. You can find on YouTube many also a lot of interesting stuff about Uniface You might try the free Uniface 10 trail. Find the tutorial of Uniface 10 and try to do it. A Uniface developer can develop different kind of applications. At the "Our customers" page you can find some examples, for example the story about Amyyon. Uniface does a lot in data retrieval and storing, where in Visual Studio you need to use frameworks or do it yourself.

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  2. Difficult to answer. I usually start explaining it as the Development Tool that Java wish to be when it grows up. It is a Development tool to build multi-platform systems that will live for decades without need to touch a single line. It runs in many OS with many DBMS. I visited customers and discovered code that I wrote 20 years before. As the requirements are the same there was no need to change anything. I worked with Oracle 6 and probably Windows95 without internet and now is still working in Windows10 with Oracle 12. Every single cent invested in my work is still there. As a developer it does not care if data is stored in Oracle, PostgreSQL or even files. This is related with configuration, not with development. If you need to store data you just have to write 'store/e TABLE' and Uniface is able to deal with it. There are some whitepapers describing Uniface from Java/.Net perspective:   Regards

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