Windows 8.1 Support

Author: (Michael Rabone)

If Windows 8.1 is not supported by Uniface, upgrading will result in Uniface applications not starting We received calls from some customers about problems after they allowed the Windows OS to upgrade itself to version 8.1 on their end user systems. If you try to run a Uniface version which does not (yet) support Windows 8.1, Uniface will stop functioning with the message “Fatal error: 9032 – Platform not supported”. This behavior is as expected. As reported in earlier news announcements, Uniface supports Windows 8.1 for Uniface 9.5.01 from patch E121 onwards and for Uniface 9.6 from service pack MX03 onwards. If you try to run Uniface versions/releases prior to version 9.5 (+E121) or 9.6 (+MX03) on Windows 8.1 you will run into the mentioned error! If your Uniface release does not meet the described requirements please make sure that your end users do not upgrade to Windows 8.1.

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