Moving from Uniface 8.4 to 9.6

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Hello, We wish to migrate from Uniface 8.4 to Uniface 9.6, can any one share experience on the best migration steps to be followed for successful migration, considering below working environment, 

Operating System Windows 2003 Server
Uniface version Uniface 8.4
Database version Oracle  11g

Appreciate your kind help !! Thanks, Irish

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  1. Hello Irish, There is a Migration Guide packaged with every Uniface Distribution.  Have a good look at that.  Aside from that, you'll need to be a little more specific about the migration plans.  For example, Uniface 8.4.01 used an old non-Compuware licensing scheme, which was superceded with 8.4.04.  That licensing scheme lasted until 9.6.05.  There are some subtle changes with 9.6.06 and there is a recent forum announcement about that.  Just figuring out your licensing changes will compel you to discuss this with local support and sales, and it's a good idea to engage with them early. Next, Windows 2003 is no longer supported with 9.6.  Is upgrading to Windows 2012 (R2) feasible?  That has to be considered together with the Oracle version.  Oracle 11gR1 is only supported on Windows 2008 with the U6.3 connector.  Ideally you would go with the Oracle 12c and the U7.1 connector, though its possible that the U7.1 connector is backwards with Oracle 11gR1 too.  Basically you should check all the combinations with the Product Availability Matrix, also downloadable from this portal.  Then discuss you needs with local support. Usually, the actual migration of the repository runs very smoothly.  It certainly doesn't take long to do a test run.  Refer to that Migration Guide, discuss specific issues with local support, or this forum.  Good Luck.

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