MS-SQL driver issue

Author: (Knut)

Hi again, Doing a 'slurp-and-burp' on an existing schema in MS-SQL. This is the DDL for a table (compressed version); CREATE TABLE [REQUEST_HSTY] ([REQUEST_HSTY_ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [HSTY_TYPE_CD] [nchar](1) NOT NULL, [TRANSACTION_ID] [bigint] NOT NULL, [TRANSACTION_DATE] [datetime] NOT NULL, [REQUEST_ID] [int] NOT NULL…… CONSTRAINT [PK_REQUEST_HSTY] PRIMARY KEY ([REQUEST_HSTY_ID] ASC], CONSTRAINT [IX_REQUEST_HSTY] UNIQUE ([REQUEST_HSTY_ID] ASC…. ALTER TABLE [REQUEST_HSTY] ADD CONSTRAINT [FK_REQUEST_HSTY_REQUEST] FOREIGN KEY([REQUEST_ID]) Uniface, when 'slurping' up the definitions - creates 3 indexes... Index 1: PK on REQUEST_ID Index 2: Index on REQUEST_HSTY_ID Index 3: Index on REQUEST_HSTY_ID There are other strange key defintions too - just wondering if anyone else has come across this - or if I'm misssing an ASN setting? Regards, Knut

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