Migration without any hints over hours

Author: i2stiller@gmx.de (istiller)

I'm doing a migration right now. Export the whole model, create a new database and load the XML In the log-file there are the usual lines countig the rows loaded But then there is nor more information, no hint, nothing ... I did check the taskmanger and the profiler on database: Okay, something is going on So it would be nice, if there will any progress infomation Ingo

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  1. Hello Ingo, What is happening in the stage of the migration you are describing is that the migration utility converts old style definitions into new style definitions (see the chapter Migration to Uniface 10 in the documentation). We understand your point that this conversion may take some time and may not provide any feedback until it's (almost) done. That's up for improvement.  Henk van der Veer

    Author: Henk van der Veer (henk.van.der.veer@uniface.com)