Ubuntu-Linux Evaluation

Author: palgam0@hotmail.com (George Mockford)

I’ve uploaded a virtual machine as promised that contains a working copy of native and WINE based Uniface that you can use to evaluate this concept.
Because of it’s size I have used the utility 7 zip to compress but even then it is about 3GB.
With this you can run both Uniface client server apps via the provided samples and/or develop using the Uniface UDE that execute under WINE. You can also build web apps like the Uniface Musicshop that execute under the native non-wine Uniface runtime under Tomcat.

As a reminder I have not configured Uniface flow to work due to problems with Flowchartx that powers the graphical interface. This is due to problems with COM and OLE with wine that have yet to be resolved. This can be overcome by using native windows dlls but I can not distribute these within this distribution as per the Microsoft EULA.

You have until the end of August to evaluate. After that you will need to approach your local Uniface sales rep to extend the license.  Where this exploration goes is entirely up to you and your feedback so please take the time to post your experiences on this forum.




  • Download the Virtual machine using the link below
  • Decompress using 7 zip (See following links)
  • Run using VMware player or virtual box (See following Links)
  • Boot and logon as administrator with password library1

On the desktop there are firefox and chrome links to run the musicshop demo

Three sample apps from the standard Uniface setup.

A development link to the Uniface IDE.

The database is an Oracle express edition 10-g.

To maintain use http;//loalhost:8090/apex  user 'system' password 'library1'

The Uniface apps connect to user Uniface password Uniface

The Uniface urouter andTomcat starts automatically at boot. If you change one of the Uniface DSP’s then you can start and stop these by starting a terminal windows and using the following scripts

  • /etc/init.d/urouter stop
  • /etc/init.d/urouter start
  • /etc/init.d/tomcat stop
  • /etc/init.d/tomcat start

Under Ubuntu you can execute root commands by prefixing the command with 'sudo' or you can connect directly to root by entering ' su -s -H'

To make this as easy as possible this setup is not as secure as is usual hence the use of the same passwords. Of course this would not be normal within a production system.

The ‘native’ Uniface install is under an Ubuntu user ‘uniface’ password ‘uniface’

The WINE enabled version is under user ‘administrator’ password ‘library1’


Ubuntu Uniface Image

7 zip

VMware Player


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  1. Hi George,

    another top job from you.

    When I come home tomorrow (after 4 weeks of weight-reduction) I will jump on it.

    Success, Uli

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