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Author: (George Mockford)

Have to apologise to anyone who is waiting for my next post as I got a little 'distracted'.  The reason for this posting is to warn anyone trying out wine in the immediate future with Uniface is not to, let me explain.

In the runup to wine 1.2 winhq has released a release candidate  1.2 RC-1 as the primary binary download. Unfortunately it has broken Uniface and wine for the moment.  Don't panic this stuff happens all of the time they even named it regression which simply means they changed or added something and something that was working now does not. H'mm sounds vaguely familiar to this Uniface community doesn't it?

My point here is if you go to try this new with Uniface you need to get a copy between version 1.1.38 and 1.1.44 which unfortunately is only available as source code. So either use my downloadable VM for the moment or you will have to download source and compile. The compile part is a little long winded but winehq documents the whole process so I will not repeat it here.

After our NAUUG user group event I will be  reporting this to wine for resolution but they require some test sets first which will take time. In the meantime if you are reviewing Uniface  and wine then I'd suggest disabling automatic updates by going to the Ubuntu update manager--> settings--->other software    and find the " lucid main" entry and simply turn of the check box. This will stop the update manager for looking for updates and keeping you on the wine version that you already have.

On a slightly different note I have been working on my Uniface Linux Hybrid and can report some progress here. I've choosen Oracle -XE as the database, I have the "native" Linux version of Uniface from the "lu5" SUSE distribution  setup on Ubuntu 10.4 and am in process of linking the backend native Uniface services to the wine supported front end.  As I demonstrated last services work under WINE but I can't recommend using them this way as WINE was not designed to be used that way so it's not optimal.  The hybrid approach gives us the natural power of native Linux Uniface services coupled with a stable wine desktop which is more desirable.

So that will be my next post namely how to set that up which will include setting up Uniface on Linux in general as we have received a number of requests on how to do that.

Lastly now that Aad Van Schetson has announced our newest initiative for Uniface and cloud computing I've decided to extend this Forum entry to explore what it takes to create Uniface appliances that contain pre-installed and configured setups that can be deployed in the cloud like within Amazons EC2.  I hope to establish Uniface appliancies like you can find for other software at

Ubuntu Linux fits pefectly into that strategy, simply add a license and away U go. I plan to explore how to do this and report my findings here. 

With apologies to the late and great  Admiral John Paul Jones "I wish to have no connection with any 'Uniface'  that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way".




  1. Hi George,

    thanks for your status report and the early bird view on your new plans.

    perhaps the following links can assist you

    Even if they are based on OSGi and Eclipse, there are very easy to follow step by step instructions.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Thanks for these Uli, very interesting, very  useful. Keep things like this coming.  I do not claim to be "cloud capable" at the moment let alone "cloud competent" so I'm going to need all of the help I can get to make this happen.

    Best Regards


    Author: George Mockford (
  3. Just a quick update to my previous comments. WineHQ have release wine 1.2 rc3 that, based on my latest testing, has fixed the issue and I can now move forward. So anyone interested in looking at this you are OK to resume updates.



    Author: George Mockford (
  4. Hi George,

    good to hear we do not have problems with WINE any more.

    So we can enable the normal update routines.

    TIA, Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (