Uniface DLM9 - when it should be used

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

DLM9 is delivered for new installations of Uniface, and it will be the version which is maintained by Uniface going forward. Important points about the Uniface DLM9 license server:

  • The Uniface DLM9 license server cannot be installed and operate alongside a Compuware DLM installation. (They cannot co-exist).
  • The Windows un-installation software for Compuware’s DLM products does not completely remove all of the software, this will cause issues when installing Uniface DLM9 if you have previously installed Compuware DLM.
  • The installation of Uniface DLM9 will help with the removal of the Compuware installation/version of DLM, but please work with the Uniface support team as required. 

For customers who are already using the Compuware delivered DLM products, it is NOT necessary to change to the Uniface delivered DLM9. We advise customers that unless advised by the Uniface support team to move to Uniface DLM9, they remain with their current, Compuware DLM server.

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