License validity

Author: (Sebastien)


I have to upgrade my application from Uniface 9.6.06 to Uniface 9.7.03.

I'm using DLM 9.0 and my license file has the following nodes: <Vers>09.06</Vers>

Is my current license available? Regards,



  1. Hi Sébastien As you wrote, it is "your" license, so UnifAce do not have a general license Wink Ask your local UnifAce manager or send a mail to You will got an answer within minutes. Okay maybe in one or two daysLaugh Ingo

    Author: istiller (
  2. Hello Sébastien,   Yes you can but sent you an updated license file anyhow.   Have a nice day .   Best Regards,   License Management, Uniface Dirk Jan Rorije

    Author: dirkjanrorije (