Database driver settings per PATH

Author: (Theo Neeskens)

Currently when I have to access two Oracle databases (or two Sybase ect),
I have to use the same settings for both.
But often these are existing databases, so I have to use different settings for both.
But I cannot configure Uniface to do that.

So my wish is to have all database settings in the ASN file on the path-level.

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  1. Hi Theo,

    for me, this calls for a "clone" of the ORACLE database driver
    or another way to allow multiple instances of the (currently singleton) database driver.

    One "cheating" option usable right is to
    include a remote database access (pervious called POLYSERVER)
    so you have 2 different databasedrivers running.

    Success, Uli.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (