upopmail without utf

Author: thomas.young@young-consulting.de (Thomas.Young)


we changed one system from U9202 to U9301 (P103) and now it occurs a little problem with sending e-Mails throug UPOPMAIL.

With U9202 we can send e-Mails with Codepage 1251, set in $SYS_CHARSET.

Now from U93 on UPOPMAIL supports UTF, but we didn't want to use it. $SYS_CHARSET is still set, but it seems to be ignored.

Unfornately the documentation give not any glue, just says UTF is supported.

UPOPMAIL is c-dll implemented, so normaly $sys_charset shoud work.

Has anybode any hint, what we missed? Or does mean support utf othe codepage won't work anymore?

Best regards


From ulibary:

Emails are sent to SMTP servers in UTF-8 format. The complete content, including subject and message body, are encoded as UTF-8 before being further encoded as Base64 for network transport. The character set is specified in the message header, so upon arrival, the SMTP server automatically decodes the Base64 message into UTF-8.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    this is something you need to send to tech support (I don'y know it). They will figure out whether there is a workaround (switch) and if not help you some other way.


    Author: Gerton Leijdekker (gerton.leijdekker@uniface.com)
  2. Hi Thomas.

    On Uniface 9.4.01 i solved this problem using Send Operation instead of SendMail.

    Hope this help.


    Author: ezioze (ezioze@aruba.it)