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hello one of my customer changed mail, before :  orange + login user/password, so all ok with security parameters (code below) vSecurityProperties = "SMTP=UAuthLoginSMTP·;USE=MAND" vSecurityParameters = "USER=%%USER_mail.D·;PASSWORD=%%PASSWORD_mail.D" now changed to  user/password

got the error :  logon smtp : SMTP server does not support security driver functionnality

don't really know what to do to make it works



  1. Hello Dominique, At this moment the UPOPMAIL component does not support SSL. I believe support for SSL is on the Uniface roadmap, but I'm not sure when this will be realized. Sorry. You, however, can access a mail server that is using SSL with a SSL proxy (like e.g. stunnel). How to use stunnel with UPOPMAIL was already discussed in this forum post: > Upopmail and gmail Hope this helps. Daniel

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  2. thanks Daniel will look at the stunnel solution   Dominique

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