field label do not display complete in creating a form

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Hi, we are facing a strange situation creating forms in Uniface 9.5.01. The problem is with the field labels. After create a label, sometimes it would not display the complete text, we have to refresh the form to see it. Anybody knows something about this?.



  1. Same problem here. I have already reported this to compuware.

    Btw: you dont have to reload the form in total, resizing the label with the mouse works aswell. Depending on the amount of labels, the reload might be more efficient :)



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  2. Hello,

    this bug is in idf for ages. I have reported it to cpwr as well (I believe it was a few years ago), but they didn't fix it yet. :-) Sometimes, there is no text on label, sometimes there is wrong text (from different field, if it is entity/field from model). At button, it does not form a button etc... I still hope, they fix this stupid bug one day.


    PS: when I reported it to uniface support, I told them the workaround - from menu View - Refresh structure. I was told, this does completely diffrent thing - it is meant to refresh modelled entities after changes have been made in the model. Nowadays I use another workaround - Toggle Paint Tableau.

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  3. I think, if this feature will be fixed one day, I will miss something ;-)

    Beside this there are more display problems especially problems with a correct
    display of splitbars . Scrolling in the paint tableau (in idf), doesn't take the splitbars
    (and possibly some more elements) into account. Rearranging wrong displayed splitbars
    are then very dangerous. (Yes, since ages and No, no call yet)

    And yes, refresh is existencial for model changes, while you are in a form
    which holds entities changed by another session. Otherwise you will compile the old (!)
    model information into your form. The compile process referes to the model definitions
    in the memory, not the model definition in the db. From our point of view this feature is
    stupid. We had already lots of misunderstandings during our developing processes, and delivered
    (we deliver compiled forms) wrong forms.

    At least an automatic "refresh" and a "screen refresh" after a Save and before a compile would
    be a real great help.


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  4. Hi there,

    i talked to someone from Compuware this morning and they said they are looking into it and its clearly a bug. So lets hope for E109. (edit: or later... )

    -- I still have faith --





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  5. I don't want to "crush" your hopes: E109 already has been released... :-) E112 or E113 is more likely (if possible)...

    "The other" Daniel

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