XSLT Transformation

Author: antoine.picaud@free.fr (apicaud)


I have an application who use USYSXSLT to transform xml to another xml format.

Under Uniface 9.3.02, I exported the sources of my application and import into a new reference and a new database (Upgrade from ORA U6.3 Ora10gR2 to U6.4 Ora11gR2). (Application Serveur HP-UX to AIX 5.3)

I've generate the urr on the application server and copy the urr (also dol) on the WIN env. I launch my application and in my code, I've activate "usysxslt".... and the status is -51. Wrong signature.

It's a Uniface component. The log on urr is my urr and usys.urr.

Where is the error ?

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