Uniface application is getting disconnected from database

Author: santoshkumar0712@yahoo.in (santoshkumar0712)

Hi All, I need a small help on the issue which i am getting with an application that has been designed in Uniface. Whenever i am keeping my system ideal for some time then uniface application lost it connection from database and it gives a error ' Not connected to Oracle driver'. After some seconds system resumes it connection with database but between that time uniface application is showing an exceptional result. Please help me to figure out this issue.


Santosh Kumar

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  1. Hi Santosh, maybe could be an asynchronous interrupt. Look at "timeout" in reference guide.
    Try to add an "$ioprint" in the asn file and look the log file.

    Regards, Rafa.

    Author: uniface8 (spanish_uniface@hotmail.es)