Uniface 9.4 URouter and Windows 2008 R2 64 bits

Author: alejandron@afsi.com (danieto)

Hello all,

Have any of you have sucess installing and running the URouter in a Windows 2008 64 bits environment?
I'm facing an issue were the urouter.exe starts up the userver.exe but it doesn't do anything. Also the URouter Monitor is not showing the userver.exe process instantiated.




  1. We are about to do this so I will let you know how we get on.

    Have you got interact with desktop turned on or off for the urouter service - certainly try it with both.






    Author: awiddowson (a.widdowson@midlandhr.co.uk)
  2. I got this issue resolved with the help of the Compuware. To identify the problem, the uniface expert logged in to the server as the "userver" user, open a command line and ran the userver.exe with the same options as the UST defined at the urouter.asn.

    Immediately after that, the userver.exe displayed a message stating the the usys.ini was not found. We copied the file into the working directory of the application from the uniface\common\adm folder and the application started working.



    Author: danieto (alejandron@afsi.com)