Author: thomas.young@young-consulting.de (Thomas.Young)

Hi all,

for a day now I am trying to get a from runing, which use the urouter-monitor API.

So I painted a farst form, define the URCLIENTS entity and draw it on the form.

In the operation Trigger, I coded follow lines:

newinstance "UROUTMON", hURoutMon
hURoutMon->CONNECT(p_sRouter, "TCP", "13001")

;activate "UROUTMON".GET_CLIENTS(sUsing, sHost, sUser, sUst, URCLIENTS.UROUTMON)
;activate "UROUTMON".GET_CLIENTS("C", "", "TY", "", "URCLIENTS")

When I used URCLIENTS in quotes the dll hangs. When I used it without quotes I got back $status greater then null, but of course no occurence.

The API use an entity parameter, but I am not sure if the documentation has the correct definition.

The URMON.exe is working well, but I can't debug it.

So the question is, if someone has solved this problem in U9 (U9302 P206 or U9301 P104)? Do I have missed something?

Best regards


P.S. Connect is working okay and I can see the connection in URMON,

Neither TRC nor LOG-File give any hint.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    In case calling GET_CLIENTS will cause Uniface to hang then there's indeed something wrong with the definitions of the URCLIENTS entity. I've seen this problem before and you should be able to resolve it by importing the attached URoutMon Model, which is also used by the URouter Monitor (URMON). The export is from Uniface 9.2, but it should also work with 9.3.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)
  2. Hi Daniel,

    thanks for fast reply. I believe I solved this finally by myself.

    I seems that the entity and all fields have to declared as database.

    I tryed with non-database and than it hangs, but now as database entity is works.

    I am not sure, if it is a bug, but maybe the documentation shall clarify this since you can define entities in several way ;(

    Best regards


    Author: Thomas.Young (thomas.young@young-consulting.de)
  3. Hi Thomas,

    Yes, this "pre-requisite" is documented! For more information see (Uniface LibraryUniface ReferenceDevelopment Object Properties >) Corresponding Model and Entity Name:



    When you work with occurrence and entity parameters, keep in mind that:

    * All fields in the referenced entity must be defined as In Database. For fields defined as Non-database, no data will be present in the data buffer.
    * [...]

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,


    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)
  4. Hi Daniel,

    thanks for this link.... If you know where it is documented is okay, but if you have to search by yoursel, how the hell you can know...

    Maybe Compuware can add some more links in the libary, e.g. from

    Reference->Data Types->Entity or Reference ->Proc Statements->params

    That's what search is list first, if you look for entity parameter.

    But know I have learned my leasson ;)

    Have a nice Time in A'dam or Swiss?


    Author: Thomas.Young (thomas.young@young-consulting.de)