UNIFACE 9.7.02 : new Extended Trigger LoadError or OnError

Author: gls.tools@free.fr (Gilles)

Hi, 1) In the documentation, in the loadError trigger description page , the example use the trigger onError http://unifaceinfo.com/wp-content/themes/uniface-flat/doc-viewer.php?version=0907 2) I'm trying the both (loadError  and onError) but none seems to work. It's only a documention error or i must create a call ? Thanks. Gilles.


  1. Hi, After some tests, the good trigger name is loadError . But this trigger don't trap all http errors. I managed to trap some http errors  like error 105 (and only code no text ...)  but not 404 (like indicate in the documentation). I close this discussion (with myself !!! Embarassed ) and open a call. Thanks. Gilles.

    Author: Gilles (gls.tools@free.fr)
  2. Hi Gilles, Thanks for the info. At the moment I can only confirm your findings. This needs to be investigated in more details. So please open a new call for this. Thanks, Daniel Uniface Support   P.S. I've asked that the documentation is corrected (the trigger is called loadError and not onError)

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)