UGETAMES always returns empty String in U9, U10

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

just used the quiet time to transfer some old concepts to U9/U10. I found an U7 one using DDE and UGETAMES to get the complete transfered data.   Transfering it to U9/U10 the string returned by UGETAMES is always empty (while in U8, it works perfectly). Has someone encountered the same issue (and found a solution for it?).   A Happy New Year from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli


  1. Hi Uli, I know I tested UPUTAMES when overhauling the 3GL manual back in 2005. I guess that would have been with Uniface 8. I've never come across anybody actually using that function. Come to think of it, I've never come across anyone using DDE either, I'm not at all sure if this still works these days. Can you try the simple example from the 3GL manual ? If that does not work either, you could check if the buffer is now in Unicode. That could well make it appear empty if you pick it up as a single-byte string. Cheers, Chris

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  2. Hi Chris, you better believe that there are a couple of uniface customers using DDE to communicate between applications. And as the $result in the async wipes out linefeeds etc. they have to use UGETAMES to see the complete information. It's already a simple code, just UGETAMES and a PUTREGS to transfer the information. As I said, it works on U7 and U8, but not on U9 and U10. Tried to find the code example in the u10 chm, but (surprise) found only uputames twice. Checked the h3gl.h for 10201f107 and found only: extern short            ugetames               (unsigned char*);

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  3. Hi Uli, Happy New Year ! You may well be right that DDE  is still being used by someone. However it is a very outdated technology which is no longer being maintained. You are certainly right that the Ulibrary page for ugetames duplicates the example code for uputames. And that has been so ever since I provided the input for the new 3GL documentation. Not sure how this could have passed my quality standards - but it does show how little stuff like this is actually used ! Whether or not this alleged UGETAMES flaw is related to DDE, we have had no reports of it from the field. In either case, if a customer has a problem with this function in production or development, they can log a support case with us and we will look into it. Cheers, Chris

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  4. Chris Breemer said ... You may well be right that DDE  is still being used by someone. However it is a very outdated technology which is no longer being maintained. ... 

    Hi guys, I agree but on the other hand is often the first and only solution on Windows platform when integration is not the higher priority for the software to be integrated...leaving it apart because it is old is not a solution. IMHO should be included into U10 as it is today! Gianni

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  5. Hi Gianni, a happy new year to you. AFAIK, the DDE is still the way for a loose coupling of applications from different vendors. The problem is that we need a working UGETAMES as soon as the transported text includes linefeeds. So "as it is today" where $result is without newlines, would not help in all cases.

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