RadioGroup and VALC and $prompt

Author: (Samuel Kester)

Pick a form to use for testing (does not need to be new)

Paint an EditBox / numeric field: NUMFLD1

Paint a RadioGroup: RADGRP1 with two options Y = %Yes, N = %No

in <VALC> trigger of RADGRP1 enter:
if (RADGRP1 = "Y")
    NUMFLD1 = ""
    $prompt = NUMFLD1

Activate the form, navigate to the RADGRP1 field and type "y".

If it works like my test you will notice that the "y" is placed in the numeric field.

Note1: this does not happen on a UniField (only EditBox)

Note2: this is true in both 9.4 and 8.4.6


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