Problem running a DSP

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I am having problem running a DSP in windows 7 Home premium. I get the following error :"Failure in the connection to the UNIFACE Application Server".
I am trying out Uniface 9.4 for the first time and trying a Web Application for the first time. I am evaluating Uniface as a tool for a SaaS application.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. It could be that the user userver was not created during the install, check that the user is present on the system is member of the "UNIFACE Server Users" group.

    If you need to create the user yourself you will also need to make sure the uniface\webapps\uniface\WEB-INF\web.xml updated to contains the correct credentials - look for the following lines and update the second userver on each line (in red) to be your selected password

    (there are 2 instances of this line)

    Author: Mike Taylor (
  2. Mike. I installed Uniface 9.4 on Windows XP Professional and the issue was resolved. Thanks a ton. Raghu

    Author: rnavanee (
  3. There are no problems running 9.4 with windows 7.

    If your windows 7 machine has 'groups' setup then this will explain it. 

    I created a new user on my computer

    I then gave it batch privileges..

    Then changed file web.xml and replaced userver|userver with the new user and password


    Aside to your problem.. is that some databases wont run on windows 7 i.e. sybase (see PAM)


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