OCX Refresh2 Webbrowser

Author: satheesh.balu.m@gmail.com (Satheesh)

Hi, I'm trying to refresh the url using the $ocxhandle $OCX_FOR_IE$ -> REFRESH2(v_level)  I tried to pass the v_level as string. I also tried as numeric. But I get the below error in both the case: ICCDRV-COM-ERR Error with ICC system occurred, The COM method "Refresh2" threw an OLE exception: HRESULT=0x80004005, description="", source="": COM error 0x80004005, described as "Unspecified error"  The parameter for Refresh2 is defined as VT_VARIANT in the webbrowser signature. How can I refresh the url from Uniface ? is it possible ? Thanks, Satheesh

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