NoEditBox is editable

Author: (Lauterbach)

In file usys.ini there is a Definition [widgets] ; Logical widgets for development environment NoEditBox=ueditbox(font=editfont;3d=off;dimmedbackcolor=off)   Using this Definition as Widget Type for a field, the field can be edited. Is it possible to define the widget to be a real "NoEditBox" without the Need to define Syntax as "NED,NPR"?

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  1. It is not possible to make the NoEditBox non-edittable via its properties (ini file or set in Proc). It is only included in the ini file as a logical widget (example) of setting the visual properties of a whole category of fields in your application.   In my personal opinion making Field Templates dynamic would be a more useful improvement if we would want put effort in further reducing the maintenance load for big applications.

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