Model - Delete Entity - 1763 Erase Error

Author: (jfro)


I try to delete an entity in the Uniface Model (Uniface 9.4). After the confirmations I receive:

1763 Erase Error

The table has no more fields, no more keys and I cannot find any existing relationship.

What can I do?



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  1. Hi all

    We found the problem:

    There was a relationship to another MODEL.. This we finally found in the dictionnary with the following select:

    select * from ucrelsh

    where u_rglab = 'ENTITY_NAME'

     or u_vlab = 'ENTITY_NAME';
    In my opinion Uniface has a bug in "DELETING ENTITY".
    • Seems Uniface first deletes all Fields
    • Doesn't DELETE the relationships
    • Tries to delete the entity and comes to an error, because there are still relationships. If these are in another MODEL they are additionally not retrieved when you search in the model where you created the entity.
    In my opinion Uniface should when DELETING an ENTITY itself
    • DELETE all relationships
    • DELETE all keys
    • DELETE all fields
    • and finally DELETE the entity

    Author: jfro (