Menu compiler messages give a 1126 error

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I am fairly new to Uniface and need help to figure out why I’m getting an error when compiling. Getting the same error when using /all as when I use /men. The error is as follows:

     error: 1126 - Cannot compile; specified information not found.
Menu compiler messages: [info 0, warnings 0, errors 1] in 0 menu(s)

This program shod not has any menus so why do I get this error? When looking for menus in idf there is none I can find. How can I figure out this so it does not fail? Anyone having the same problem or have a solution?

The program does not have glyphs and when compiling it displays "Can't find Glyph(s)" so I expected menu to do the same.



  1. Hi Knut,

    I got similar message when included/cascading menues did not exist for given languages.

    Perhaps if you increase the IOPRINT, you may get some hint.


    It's just a uniface implementation bug, so do not bother.



    BTW: when looking for menues in IDF, have you checked all three options (menubar, pulldown, menu) with the glyphs in the upper right.

    just export menus with a GOLD* in Libraries and GOLD* in Menues of the export form to have another check

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  2. Thx for help

    IOPRINT did give me some hints but only verified my suspicion abbot IDF having an error. I checked IDF for three options (menu bar, pull-down, and menu), it’s empty. Export menus with a GOLD* in Libraries and GOLD* in Menus also gave me an empty file. So it is pretty safe to say I do not and do not want any Menus in my code.

    So i think IDF dos not handling this scenario to well. It returns a "Menu compiler messages: [info 0, warnings 0, errors 1] in 0 menu(s)" whit the error above it as mentioned in first post. As the message suggest there is 0 menu(s) but 1 error. I also got a second program that does have menus. The same message appears when I’m using /aft= and there are no menus changed.

    All this makes me think Uniface IDF is showing error when there are no menus to compile which is a bug in IDF. For now I just ignore the error, but it would be nice if it got fixed someday.


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