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have been trying to get this to work, need to recycle Uniface logic from behind a C# service the generated dll looks OK (definition in Studio) [CoClass(typeof(productClass))] [Guid("F27BDDCA-547E-4941-A808-24D8BE93C100")] public interface product : _product { } [Guid("F27BDDCA-547E-4941-A808-24D8BE93C100")] [InterfaceType(2)] [TypeLibType(16)] public interface _product { [DispId(1001)] int accept(); [DispId(1002)] int alex(ref string naam); [DispId(1003)] int exec(); [DispId(1004)] int get_price(string the_name, out int the_price, out bool available); [DispId(1005)] int quit(); } however, when stepping thru in debug when entering the button click function the contents of the Output window :  ... 'TestCallIn.vshost.exe' (Managed (v2.0.50727)): Loaded 'C:\Users\ame\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\TestUniface\TestCallIn\bin\Debug\TestCallIn.exe', Symbols loaded. 'TestCallIn.vshost.exe' (Managed (v2.0.50727)): Loaded 'C:\Users\ame\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\TestUniface\TestCallIn\bin\Debug\myUnetTestNET.dll' then stepping thru the following :  myUnetTestNET.product theprod = new product(); the application stops, no exception All i get in output is The program '[6908] TestCallIn.vshost.exe: Managed (v2.0.50727)' has exited with code 1 (0x1).   Any help or suggestions ? When i tick debug logging in COM configuration, where  to find anything ?  doc says Global Uniface COM Settings //

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Compuware\UNIFACE 9\comoptions\com_logging

but the key does not exsist ???   Alex

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  1. Hello Alex, Have you already checked if Uniface will generate a log file? For example using the following ASN settings:

    [SETTINGS] $ioprint = 255 $putmess_logfile = c:\temp\uniface.txt If there's a problem with the configuration of Uniface then the process will just exit - and this will cause the C# program to exit as well. Please note that Uniface will require Server license features when you try to run a Uniface component using the COM Call-In interface. And concerning the debug logging: in case you are using the 32-bit version of Uniface on a 64-bit Windows system then the COM settings will be stored under the Registry node Wow6432Node:

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Compuware\Uniface 9\comoptions

    Also, when the debug logging is enabled then the output is sent (as described in the documentation) to the Windows debugger channel. You can read the output using (e.g.) the Windows Sysinternals utility DebugView. Hope this helps. Daniel

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