HTMLwidget 9.6.07 can not render on loadHTML if a string contains uniface list, but can on loadURL

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

see my example on I used loadhtml to bring the HTML code to the widget and it works quite well.   Now i enhanced the HTML onclick=”a_test(‘button-activated’, ‘ab=12′)” to return a uniface list.   In 9.6.07 this will cause a parsing problem because the button is not rendered at all (and it's not in the DOM).   But dumping the HTMLcode to a local file and read it via loadURL works without problems: lfiledump X_HTMLCODE.DUMMY, "C:\BUG_LOADHTML.html" $fieldhandle(X_HTMLWIDGET.DUMMY)->$widgetoperation("loadURL","file:///C:/BUG_LOADHTML.html")

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