Generat Call-In Stub for C

Author: (Thomas.Young)

If you create stub-in files for c, in UNIFACE you use the /sti switch.

In UNIFACE 9.3 there is a bug, so you have to use /sto with a app named.

Mails form the LAB:

Indeed in Uniface 9.3 it looks like /sti and /sto have been changed around. I had a word with the developers
and they said this has to do with the introduction of the $ude function and the re-thinking of some
(apparently inconsistent) terminology, but I am not sure that this particular change is intentional or not.

I will investigate this further and get back to you.

Hallo Thomas,

I have verified that this was not intentionally changed, and is in fact a bug.
I have created bug 28122 for this, and will request that it be fixed in the next
service pack for 9.3, which will be MP01. It is too late to include this fix in patch P104.

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