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Hi Unifacers, Am I the only one feeling current ComboBox implementation should be improved? As of today end users are criticizing because: A) when typing something into ComboBOX (With InsertMode=None) they get the same feedback either if string typed has ONE or has MANY or does NOT have a correspondence within the provided list. B) when they type a character that does not have a correspondence their navigation is NOT blocked when exiting from the field. IMHO: 1) Autocomplete: when user is typing something having corresponding value(s) should be automatically opened presenting only corresponding values 2) To avoid forcing to use the mouse (factories workers often prefer keyboard) Enter Key could be defined to accept current highlighted value 3) Accepting also key=value (associative) list continuing to filter only on values (descriptions) when user is typing should also be considered As an alternative to item #3 current dropdownlist implementation could be extended to accept more than one typed character to select within a list using keyboard. Gianni


  1. The dropdownlist will accept more than one character if it is set to "Sorted alphabetically" in the widget parameters.  It suffers from not highlighting what you have typed so far, and being a LITTLE bit random on how long it waits for you to hunt and peck the next key before resetting.  I too would appreciate some widget which allowed a user to type items from a valrep (ID=DESC) list and have it bring and select the best match, but not allow new entries.    Iain

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  2. I have the same opinion as Gianni, the combobox should be improved. We have side .Net programs available and here the users are known with the autocompleting dropdown. They already asked why this is not in the main Uniface application.

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  3. I agree. The combobox in Uniface is quite old-fashioned and limited. Improving this or even a brand new widget for autocompleting (quick-search) would be very appreciated. I've tried to implement this with pop-up forms, but 1) it's limited to non-modal forms and 2) it's not very comfortable. It looks good but user has to use the mouse and it's a bit tricky. PS: Is wishlist still unconscious? Embarassed

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