Hello together,

right now we have to fight on some strange uniface crashes.
On the search for help/info, how to figure out where these crashes happen I've found this article in our forum:


and especially this one from Stijn Courtheyn: https://courtheyn.be/Uniface/UnifaceCrashHandle.txt

Unfortunatley in our environment the registry settings stated from Stijn do not effect in any logging or popups.

Does anybody of you know if these settings still work with 9.7.05 on Windows Server 2016?

Thanks in advance


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      I would have as a guess that the key from Stijn is actually ....uniface\  rather than ....compuware\...

      In the past, I've always turned on proc tracing with output to file - with an additional line in the ASN file :

      (under settings:)

      $proc_tracing_addition "$f:%%$formname/$e:%%$entname/$f:%%$fieldname/$s:%%$status/$p:%%$procerror/%%$clock : "

      Since Uniface will continue to write these lines until it crashes - I've always gotten a good idea about what's going on just prior to the crash...

      Good luck,


      1. Michael Rösch

        Hello Knut,

        thank you very much for the suggestion with the $proc_tracing_addition. It was very helpful. I'm now on the track of the crash.


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